Top 7 Benefits of the Standing Barbell Shoulder Press 

It is often impressive to see a lifter pressing huge weights overhead (with good form), and should be a place of pride. The standing barbell shoulder press is a foundational compound movement that is great for building the upper body and a test of upper body stability.

You won’t get any assistance from the bench — with the standing barbell shoulder press, it’s your feet on the ground, your hands on the barbell, and you can either lift it or not. Today we are going to discuss top 7 benefits of the standing barbell shoulder press and why it should be a recurring part of your upper body training.

1. Increased Overall Strength/Mobility in Upper Body and Core

The barbell shoulder press is a compound lift that works multiple muscle groups, and as such increases overall strength.

Core stability, mobility of the upper body and neck, and even improved motor control are all benefits of this exercise.

2. Increases Shoulder Mobility

Increasing your shoulder mobility is important for a variety of reasons, including injury prevention and improved performance.

This exercise can help you achieve this goal by improving your shoulder mobility, stability and strength.

3. Improves Shoulder Stability and Strength

The shoulder press is a great way to improve your shoulder stability and strength.

While most people think of the shoulders as just the place where the arm attaches, they’re actually part of a much larger system that includes the upper back, front torso and lower body.

Being able to stabilize and activate these areas all at once can help you prevent injury during a variety of activities from sports to everyday tasks like getting out of bed or reaching for something on the shelf.

The barbell shoulder press trains this whole system by requiring you to stabilize your wrists, elbows and shoulders throughout the entire movement—helping train each muscle group in turn while also forcing them all to work together efficiently in order for you not only complete a rep but do so safely as well.

4. Helps to Strengthen the Rotator Cuff

Strengthening the rotator cuff muscles is important for normal shoulder movement.

These muscles and tendons stabilize the shoulders during everyday activities, like reaching up to get something from a shelf or throwing a ball. The rotator cuff can also be injured in athletes who participate in contact sports such as football or hockey.

The barbell shoulder press exercise is one of the best exercises for strengthening your rotator cuffs.

It’s an exercise that targets all four heads of this muscle group at once, making it an effective way to strengthen them so they’re capable of supporting your body and maintaining good posture throughout the day.

5. Neck is Strengthened

The barbell shoulder press is an excellent exercise for strengthening the neck muscles and improving your posture.

When you’re performing a barbell shoulder press, your body is in a solid, upright position (back straight, abs tight) which engages your core to keep you stable while lifting weights overhead.

This strengthens not only your shoulders but also the muscles in your back and core that help to improve stability and balance throughout the entire body.

6. Core is Activated

Strengthening your core is an important part of building a solid upper body, and the barbell shoulder press is one of the best exercises for this purpose.

The core is engaged in all types of lifting, especially when you’re lifting heavy weight or when there’s a lot of strain on it. Getting stronger in this area will help you avoid injury and protect your spine during exercise.

The best way to improve and strengthen your core is through resistance training exercises that target multiple muscle groups at once.

One way to do this is with movements like the barbell shoulder press because they require stabilization from many different muscle groups at once.

This means that once you’ve mastered one movement, you’ll be able to transfer those skills into any other exercise that requires balance or strength in order to get better results faster than if relying solely on machines.

7. All Upper Body Muscles are Activated

The standing barbell shoulder press is a compound exercise that works all of the muscles of your upper body.

All muscle groups are activated to varying degrees, depending on how much weight you use.


In conclusion, the standing barbell shoulder press is a great exercise for building strength and mobility in your shoulders.

It can be used to increase upper body muscle mass, improve posture and stability of the core muscles around your torso area.

It’s also a great way to strengthen the rotator cuff muscles that support your shoulder joints from injuries such as tears or strains due overuse or injury while performing other exercises such as bench presses.

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